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Definition of joker:

  1. One who makes jokes or jests.
  2. See Rest bower, under 2d Bower.


gimmick, zany, impediment, bastard, numpty, boor, fellow, buck, schmuck, varmint, snag, scum, airhead, maniac, guy, rider, gagger, dog, cur, snake, jokester, rotter, sleazeball, fink, cretin, hitch, toad, sod, farceur, male, vermin, slime, quipster, fool, chuff, house of cards, sleazebag, jack, bugger, bomb, hombre, churl, slob, lad, bloke, dope, scumbag, club, lout, crumb, droll, land mine, pill, face card, proviso, beast, cat, deuce, dumb blond, gagster, chap, diamond, swine, hound, gentleman, chappie, stinker, kicker, deck, idiot, so-and-so, blighter, joe, gotcha, rat fink, ace, fella, dude, bleeder, catch, good-time Charlie, buzzard, booby trap, laughter, scuzzball, galoot, louse, be (always) good for a laugh, skunk, turkey, crud, heel, creep, catch-22, gent, bounder, reptile, article, lump, cad, sleaze, a figure of fun, laughing stock, rat, stinkard, slimeball, heart, dud, dirtbag.

Usage examples: