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Definition of just:

  1. A joust.
  2. Barely; merely; scarcely; only; by a very small space or time; as, he just missed the train; just too late.
  3. Closely; nearly; almost.
  4. Conforming or conformable to rectitude or justice; not doing wrong to any; violating no right or obligation; upright; righteous; honest; true; - said both of persons and things.
  5. Not transgressing the requirement of truth and propriety; conformed to the truth of things, to reason, or to a proper standard; exact; normal; reasonable; regular; due; as, a just statement; a just inference.
  6. Precisely; exactly; - in place, time, or degree; neither more nor less than is stated.
  7. Rendering or disposed to render to each one his due; equitable; fair; impartial; as, just judge.
  8. To joust.


respectable, suitable, entirely, salutary, honest, ripe, skillful, conscionable, dispassionate, impartial, practiced, alone, beneficial, incisively, hardly, moreover, now, further, still, indifferent, serious, rightful, provided, scarcely, bonnie, recently, average, simply, that, tight, exclusively, sound, fitting, plainly, precisely, very, unless, well, presently, mediocre, except, on the button, fair-minded, vertical, on the dot, expert, middling, estimable, barely, besides, retributive, solely, virtuous, erect, sporting, impartial, yet, full, proficient, antimonopoly, and, upright, unspoiled, quite, bonny, reasonable, in force, well-grounded, fair, scantily, righteous, antitrust, nonpartisan, tho, unbiased, but, evenhanded, good, cogent, unspoilt, reason, in effect, solid, valid, effective, objective, comely, notwithstanding, only if, really, adept, safe, meet, nevertheless, well-founded, dear, exactly, just now, merely, fit, disinterested, fairish, deserved, undecomposed, merited, near, unsloped, however, scarce, equitable, on the nose, retributory, only when, fair-and-square, lately, clean, save, proper, secure, sightly, skilful, dependable, sportsmanlike, unprejudiced, only, appropriate.

Usage examples: