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Definition of labor:

  1. A measure of land in Mexico and Texas, equivalent to an area of 177 acres.
  2. A store or set of stopes.
  3. Any pang or distress.
  4. Intellectual exertion; mental effort; as, the labor of compiling a history.
  5. Physical toil or bodily exertion, especially when fatiguing, irksome, or unavoidable, in distinction from sportive exercise; hard, muscular effort directed to some useful end, as agriculture, manufactures, and like; servile toil; exertion; work.
  6. That which requires hard work for its accomplishment; that which demands effort.
  7. The pitching or tossing of a vessel which results in the straining of timbers and rigging.
  8. To be in travail; to suffer the pangs of childbirth.
  9. To be oppressed with difficulties or disease; to do one's work under conditions which make it especially hard, wearisome; to move slowly, as against opposition, or under a burden; to be burdened; - often with under, and formerly with of.
  10. To belabor; to beat.
  11. To exert muscular strength; to exert one's strength with painful effort, particularly in servile occupations; to work; to toil.
  12. To exert one's powers of mind in the prosecution of any design; to strive; to take pains.
  13. To form or fabricate with toil, exertion, or care.
  14. To pitch or roll heavily, as a ship in a turbulent sea.
  15. To prosecute, or perfect, with effort; to urge streuously; as, to labor a point or argument.
  16. To work at; to work; to till; to cultivate by toil.
  17. Travail; the pangs and efforts of childbirth.


push back, poke, Labour Party, slave, people, prod, persistence, output, comminute, jab, trade union movement, exert yourself, the afterbirth, birthing, fag out, craunch, elbow grease, parturition, hollow, delivery, working class, repulse, fruit, dig, labor market, dig up, birth, creep, lug, advertise, drive, ride, fight, take, push for, buckle down, produce, appointment, tug, apply yourself, pains, labor party, donkeywork, intentness, trail, division of labor, jade, crawl, fatigue, churn, struggle, tire, pursuit, pull, stab, accouchement, cranch, Labor Department, payroll, tire out, try, heavy lifting, birth, collaboration, the CBI, capitalist, beast, slavery, lying-in, dawdle, go after, try for, confinement, parturition, task, stress, undertaking, boil, advertize, baby blues, apprehend, expenditure, meander, executive, drift, labor movement, fall behind, strive, toil, moil, grind, manpower, push, parturiency, savvy, force, overwork, delve, challenge, handiwork, perseverance, anti-choice, worker, birthing, agitate, beat back, labour, comprehend, baby shower, drop back, cut into, childbirth, wear down, fag, mash, force back, forge, tote, sweat, wear, dig out, trouble, patience, closed shop, production, amniocentesis, COSATU, repel, personnel, dedication, arrive, department of labor, get, start, strain, grok, grate, headache, press for, proletariat, background, crusade, chapel, delegation, employer, crowd, care, childbed, project, wear upon, get the picture, workforce, bear on, labor union, roil, excavate, antenatal, aim, attempt, restriction, application, staff, bray, constancy, childbearing, wear out, work at, amniotic fluid, projection, labor force, ACTU, sedulousness, grasp, yield, campaign, bear, drudge, compass, ram, the AFL-CIO, crunch, travail, put your back into something, energy, killer, motor, thing, diligence, promote, ease, outwear, turn over, drudgery, assiduity, Equity, while, call, weary, attention, brother, press.

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