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Definition of lamb:

  1. A simple, unsophisticated person; in the cant of the Stock Exchange, one who ignorantly speculates and is victimized.
  2. Any person who is as innocent or gentle as a lamb.
  3. The young of the sheep.
  4. To bring forth a lamb or lambs, as sheep.


bullock, big, Elia, fool, right, hatch, dear, whelp, reproduce, goose, procreate, young one, dark meat, virgin, spawn, baby, gull, chick, bunny, birdie, beloved, Charles Lamb, bow-wow, colt, sap, innocent, pigeon, duck, filly, dupe, cold, calf, calve, honey, victim, fall guy, albumen, monkey, mug, crab, angel, clean, mark, fawn, gudgeon, brood, cross, choo-choo, boo-boo, yeanling, foal, love, wise, butt, patsy, cub, dearest, horseflesh, bang, crabmeat, sheep, pushover, dove, sucker.

Usage examples: