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Definition of land:

  1. Any ground, soil, or earth whatsoever, as meadows, pastures, woods, etc., and everything annexed to it, whether by nature, as trees, water, etc., or by the hand of man, as buildings, fences, etc.; real estate.
  2. Any portion, large or small, of the surface of the earth, considered by itself, or as belonging to an individual or a people, as a country, estate, farm, or tract.
  3. Ground, in respect to its nature or quality; soil; as, wet land; good or bad land.
  4. In any surface prepared with indentations, perforations, or grooves, that part of the surface which is not so treated, as the level part of a millstone between the furrows, or the surface of the bore of a rifled gun between the grooves.
  5. The ground left unplowed between furrows; any one of several portions into which a field is divided for convenience in plowing.
  6. The ground or floor.
  7. The inhabitants of a nation or people.
  8. The lap of the strakes in a clinker- built boat; the lap of plates in an iron vessel; - called also landing.
  9. The mainland, in distinction from islands.
  10. The softer inorganic matter composing part of the surface of the globe, in distinction from the firm rock; soil of all kinds, including gravel, clay, loam, and the like; sometimes, soil favorable to the growth of plants; the visible surface of the globe; the ground; as, loose earth; rich earth.
  11. The solid part of the surface of the earth; - opposed to water as constituting a part of such surface, especially to oceans and seas; as, to sight land after a long voyage.
  12. To catch and bring to shore; to capture; as, to land a fish.
  13. To go on shore from a ship or boat; to disembark; to come to the end of a course.
  14. To set down after conveying; to cause to fall, alight, or reach; to bring to the end of a course; as, he landed the quoit near the stake; to be thrown from a horse and landed in the mud; to land one in difficulties or mistakes.
  15. To set or put on shore from a ship or other water craft; to disembark; to debark.


pour down, tract, reach, estate of the realm, dry land, refine, knowledge domain, solid ground, dystopia, derive, defeat, come by, reduce, border, sovereignty, pebble, bring, pull down, write down, crag, worldly concern, res publica, knowledge base, Co., prop, airlift, country, bring in, down-home, the three estates, priming coat, cast, arena, prop up, drink down, close, lose your balance/footing, strand, home, earthly concern, undergo, car park, seaside, record, the (great) outdoors, toss off, vote out, filth, be (caught/stuck) between a rock and a hard place, come to, trim, go through, husbandry, institute, field, world, floor, undercoat, grime, politics, arcade, sphere, zone, get together, down, republic, captain, impose, not know where/which way to turn, alley, farming, consume, disembark, subvert, rural area, belt, vote down, bucolic, dirt, charge, trim back, angling, faultline, rural, overthrow, quarry, buck, fairyland, draw in, visit, pastoral, back, corridor, make for, belt down, play, primer coat, owned, stream, shoot down, state of matter, bring down, place down, cut back, the Bates Motel, devour, plummet, degrade, gravel, take down, come in, boulder, peninsula, commonwealth, flat coat, descend, terrestrial, blood sports, Arcadia, set down, cliff, state, lower, fall, hick, discharge, pop, basis, polish, body politic, tongue, blind alley, sea, provincial, metal, repose, county, go down, sand, district, a people, El Dorado, push down, overturn, big game, Hades, get to, convey, airspace, stain, buzz, nation, the borderland, democracy, conservancy, desert, drop off, area, bait, gain, mountain, region, demesne, backyard, orbit, primer, accept, geology, come down, unload, bite, bestow, globe, the land, footing, subsoil, continental drift, acres, alleyway, hill, polity, knock down, inflict, cut down, plunge, promontory, acreage, cloister, geography, cut, clay, valley, acre, contribute, trim down, geological, be in the grip of something, enclosure, clod, slip, tear, breadbasket, dust, priming, conservation area, destroy, shoot, grunge, the Promised Land, homeland, part, onshore, ditch, get in, put down, climb, ledge, lend, fine-tune, Edwin Herbert Land, bolt down, province, get down, rock, fault, work, eject, campus, Camelot, suffer, shore up, Din Land, reason, background, kill, aquifer, set ashore, come under, crust, agriculture, be in dire/desperate straits, plain, drop, overland, find, domain of a function, lay, endure, grease, neck, let down, appear, continental shelf, never-never land, mineral, landed estate, rustic, disgrace, impart, loam, wreak, demean.

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