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Definition of lax:

  1. A looseness; diarrhea.
  2. Having a looseness of the bowels; diarrheal.
  3. Not strict or stringent; not exact; loose; weak; vague; equivocal.
  4. Not tense, firm, or rigid; loose; slack; as, a lax bandage; lax fiber.


unsecured, careful, neglectful, informal, drooping, weak, idle, insecure, unsupported, in a world of your own, remiss, regular, open, preoccupied, relaxed, unrestricted, unconstipated, merciful, indulgent, escaped, accept, loose-jointed, flaccid, derelict, wobbly, at large, neglecting, lenient, abstracted, distant, negligent, on the loose, absent, wanton, flexible, loose, loosened, inattentive, easy, vacantly, disregardful, sagging, undone, tensionless, permissive, slackened, unaffixed, light, tighten, slack, free-floating, spaced out, unrestrained, promiscuous, floppy, droopy, lazy, in a dream, soft, limp, sluttish.

Usage examples: