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Definition of lazy:

  1. Disinclined to action or exertion; averse to labor; idle; shirking work.
  2. Inactive; slothful; slow; sluggish; as, a lazy stream.
  3. Wicked; vicious.


flagging, pleasing, lax, neglectful, remiss, pleasurable, trifling, lagging, half-assed, cheerful, careless, attractive, wasted, superfluous, unoccupied, slow, tardy, measured, purposeless, slothful, inattentive, dilatory, bone lazy, sluggard, supine, senseless, unavailing, unemployed, indolent, vacant, stately, loafing, pointless, inactive, restful, ineffectual, disregardful, unconcerned, nice, inert, enjoyable, otiose, relaxing, logy, deliberate, laggard, slack, futile, steady, faineant, lovely, work-shy, idle, businesslike, neglecting, action, derelict, shiftless, industrious, pleasant, do-nothing, weary, active, passive, sedate, indifferent.

Usage examples:

  • But the people of that village were lazy, too.

    - "White Queen of the Cannibals: The Story of Mary Slessor", A. J. Bueltmann.
  • To church, where Mr. Mills made a lazy sermon.

    - "Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright", Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke.
  • What are your lazy women about in the kitchen?

    - "The Outcaste", F. E. Penny.