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Definition of lead:

  1. A conductor conveying electricity, as from a dynamo.
  2. A lode.
  3. A mark or a short passage in one voice part, as of a canon, serving as a cue for the entrance of others.
  4. A plummet or mass of lead, used in sounding at sea.
  5. A rle for a leading man or leading woman; also, one who plays such a rle.
  6. A small cylinder of black lead or plumbago, used in pencils.
  7. A thin strip of type metal, used to separate lines of type in printing.
  8. An article made of lead or an alloy of lead
  9. An open way in an ice field.
  10. In an internal- combustion engine, the distance, measured in actual length of piston stroke or the corresponding angular displacement of the crank, of the piston from the end of the compression stroke when ignition takes place; -- called in full lead of the ignition. When ignition takes place during the working stroke the corresponding distance from the commencement of the stroke is called negative lead.
  11. In spiral screw threads, worm wheels, or the like, the amount of advance of any point in the spiral for a complete turn.
  12. One of the elements, a heavy, pliable, inelastic metal, having a bright, bluish color, but easily tarnished. It is both malleable and ductile, though with little tenacity, and is used for tubes, sheets, bullets, etc. Its specific gravity is 11. 37. It is easily fusible, forms alloys with other metals, and is an ingredient of solder and type metal. Atomic weight, 206. 4. Symbol Pb ( L. Plumbum). It is chiefly obtained from the mineral galena, lead sulphide.
  13. precedence; advance position; also, the measure of precedence; as, the white horse had the lead; a lead of a boat's length, or of half a second.
  14. Sheets or plates of lead used as a covering for roofs; hence, pl., a roof covered with lead sheets or terne plates.
  15. The act of leading or conducting; guidance; direction; as, to take the lead; to be under the lead of another.
  16. The act or right of playing first in a game or round; the card suit, or piece, so played; as, your partner has the lead.
  17. The action of a tooth, as a tooth of a wheel, in impelling another tooth or a pallet.
  18. The advance of the current phase in an alternating circuit beyond that of the electromotive force producing it.
  19. The angle between the line joining the brushes of a continuous- current dynamo and the diameter symmetrical between the poles.
  20. The announcement by one voice part of a theme to be repeated by the other parts.
  21. The course of a rope from end to end.
  22. the distance of haul, as from a cutting to an embankment.
  23. The excess above a right angle in the angle between two consecutive cranks, as of a compound engine, on the same shaft.
  24. The width of port opening which is uncovered by the valve, for the admission or release of steam, at the instant when the piston is at end of its stroke.
  25. To begin a game, round, or trick, with; as, to lead trumps; the double five was led.
  26. To conduct or direct with authority; to have direction or charge of; as, to lead an army, an exploring party, or a search; to lead a political party.
  27. To cover, fill, or affect with lead; as, continuous firing leads the grooves of a rifle.
  28. To draw or direct by influence, whether good or bad; to prevail on; to induce; to entice; to allure; as, to lead one to espouse a righteous cause.
  29. To go or to be in advance of; to precede; hence, to be foremost or chief among; as, the big sloop led the fleet of yachts; the Guards led the attack; Demosthenes leads the orators of all ages.
  30. To guide or conduct in a certain course, or to a certain place or end, by making the way known; to show the way, esp. by going with or going in advance of. Hence, figuratively: To direct; to counsel; to instruct; as, to lead a traveler; to lead a pupil.
  31. To guide or conduct one's self in, through, or along ( a certain course); hence, to proceed in the way of; to follow the path or course of; to pass; to spend. Also, to cause ( one) to proceed or follow in ( a certain course).
  32. To guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection; as, a father leads a child; a jockey leads a horse with a halter; a dog leads a blind man.
  33. To guide or conduct, as by accompanying, going before, showing, influencing, directing with authority, etc.; to have precedence or preeminence; to be first or chief; - used in most of the senses of lead, v. t.
  34. To place leads between the lines of; as, to lead a page; leaded matter.
  35. To tend or reach in a certain direction, or to a certain place; as, the path leads to the mill; gambling leads to other vices.


legislate, approach, consort, live, get going, conk out, subscribe to, break down, branch off, atomic number 82, kick in, racetrack, article, current of air, transcend, rail, tierce, deport, clue, winding, get hold of, route, set to, trey, adventurism, depart, go by, leash, unfold, booster cable, engineer, ingest, double, prevail on, go across, chairmanship, wind, escort, prod, fail, drop dead, bad guy, hire, supreme, gallop, come in, rifle, trail, haul, move, spur, direct, contribute, reach, bullock, door, deuce-ace, leave alone, headliner, bid, premier, first, elapse, trinity, give-up the ghost, surpass, lede, draw out, thrive, prime, croak, channelize, steer, protract, go bad, escape, range, advice column, prevail, place, dog collar, induce, eliminate, carry on, lend, drag, reach out, provide, malarkey, star topology, pebibyte, dead heat, admit, clock, fountain pen, sensation, breath, principal, allow for, leadership, bleed, tip, lapse, bronze, tend, pass by, take in, melt down, 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