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Definition of leaden:

  1. Heavy; dull; sluggish.
  2. Like lead in color, etc. ; as, a leaden sky.
  3. Made of lead; of the nature of lead; as, a leaden ball.


irksome, gruelling, arduous, big, expectant, clayey, flagging, weighted, wearisome, ho-hum, grueling, cloggy, Grey, boring, metallic, tiresome, action, thudding, muffled, pale, cloudy, laboured, large, sonorous, laborious, obtuse, lead, heavy, lumbering, grievous, enceinte, threatening, deadening, softened, dull, sullen, dumb, lowering, punishing, operose, limp, great, toilsome, backbreaking, with child, fleshy, weighed down, effortful, hard, intemperate, sound, overweight, gray, profound, lymphatic, grave, tedious, gravid, spiritless, plodding, wakeless, impenetrable, labored, dim, muted.

Usage examples: