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Definition of local:

  1. A train which receives and deposits passengers or freight along the line of the road; a train for the accommodation of a certain district.
  2. On newspaper cant, an item of news relating to the place where the paper is published.


compatriot, economic, Amtrak, clinical, Eurostar, bounded, topical anaesthetic, social, district, the body politic, affiliate, restricted, aboriginal, countryman, community, narrow-minded, congenital, local anesthetic, Local Anaesthetic, next door, funicular, narrow, next to, benign, deadhead, parochial, topical anesthetic, catching, acute, countrywoman, insular, zoological, alongside, express, sectional, communicable, united, historical, bullet train, cell, advanced, geographical, autoimmune, topical, cable railway, citizenship, council, citizen, citizenry, small-town, localite, beside, townie, attached, branch, boat train, confined, asymptomatic, birthright, year-rounder, descriptive, civic, localised, botanical, chronic, limited, freight, freight train, localized, political.

Usage examples: