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Definition of loony:

  1. See Luny.


buggy, sappy, barmy, fruity, zany, soft, nutty, nuts, wild, around the bend, lunatic, chapped, dippy, off, crazy, awry, nutlike, brainsick, round the bend, insane, bonkers, zesty, amiss, whacky, zestful, demented, crank, touched, unearthly, screwy, harebrained, silly, wrong, alligatored, ability, mentally ill, batty, haywire, crackers, distraught, sane, nutcase, mild, kookie, dotty, cockamamie, knowledge, wise, roughened, screwball, gaga, daft, daffy, eccentric, nut, ding-a-ling, maniacal, looney, kook, bats, balmy, weirdo, non compos mentis, tomfool, loon, kooky, cuckoo, creep, preposterous, loco, cockeyed, weirdy, mad, softheaded, spook, moonstruck, dingbat, yeasty, unsound, cracked, unbalanced, loopy, weirdie, disordered, jerky, wacky, maniac, cockamamy, bananas.

Usage examples: