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Definition of lowering:

  1. Dark and threatening; gloomy; sullen; as, lowering clouds or sky.


grueling, expectant, saturnine, enceinte, punishing, sound, fleshy, hard, gravid, cloudy, lumbering, weighed down, intemperate, laborious, heavy, sour, moody, profound, impenetrable, cloggy, sinister, ponderous, baleful, great, grave, ominous, menacing, dense, sonorous, dour, overweight, toilsome, arduous, operose, with child, minacious, labored, weighty, laboured, threatening, large, leaden, morose, backbreaking, grievous, glowering, forbidding, letting down, glum, sullen, dark, clayey, gruelling, wakeless, big, minatory.

Usage examples: