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Definition of lucid:

  1. Bright with the radiance of intellect; not darkened or confused by delirium or madness; marked by the regular operations of reason; as, a lucid interval.
  2. Clear; transparent.
  3. Presenting a clear view; easily understood; clear.
  4. Shining; bright; resplendent; as, the lucid orbs of heaven.


manifest, clearheaded, compos mentis, guileless, unmistakable, simple, limpid, crystalline, bald, splendid, make sense, barefaced, sheeny, decided, open-and-shut, obvious, effulgent, evident, lambent, unambiguous, cobwebby, ringing, patent, see-through, wide awake, coherent, clearly, palpable, broad, clear-cut, apparent, vapourous, bedazzling, distinct, fulgent, unambivalent, pellucid, thinking, logical, unadorned, candescent, unequivocal, crystal clear, ordered, gauzy, well-adjusted, easy, liquid, with-it, sane, stable, touch, perspicuous, legitimate, bright-line, rational, explicit, refulgent, gauze-like, clear, vaporous, sheer, shiny, nonambiguous, right, tenacious, bald-faced, transparent, alert, luculent, gossamer.

Usage examples: