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Definition of lump:

  1. A mass or aggregation of things.
  2. A projection beneath the breech end of a gun barrel.
  3. A small mass of matter of irregular shape; an irregular or shapeless mass; as, a lump of coal; a lump of iron ore.
  4. To get along with as one can, although displeased; as, if he does n't like it, he can lump it.
  5. To take in the gross; to speak of collectively.
  6. To throw into a mass; to unite in a body or sum without distinction of particulars.


lubber, reward, section, protuberance, hulk, clunk, bump, ostentation, portion, hoodlum, chunk, thud, convex, recompense, bulge, comeuppance, orb, nub, nut, lummox, bulk, extrusion, splashiness, thumping, inflation, tough, landsman, clod, wad, musket ball, gibbosity, orchis, excrescence, toughie, formal, knob, clump, pomposity, desert, ox, puffiness, testis, hump, ball, palooka, protrusion, intumescence, jut, strong-armer, goon, bollock, prominence, block, part, collocate, ability, part, intumescency, glob, testicle, agglomeration, piece, knot, clustering, gibbousness, gob, lout, pompousness, lug, gawk, hood, klutz, swelling, thug, stumblebum, thump, nugget, egg, globe, landlubber, pretentiousness, wage, ostentatiousness, meathead, cluster, hunk, hunch, bunch, due, guerdon, ballock, meatball, oaf, mass, punk.

Usage examples: