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Definition of lunatic:

  1. A person affected by lunacy; an insane person, esp. one who has lucid intervals; a madman; a person of unsound mind.
  2. Affected by lunacy; insane; mad.
  3. Of or pertaining to, or suitable for, an insane person; evincing lunacy; as, lunatic gibberish; a lunatic asylum.


meshuga, dwarf, loco, unhinged, ding-a-ling, barmy, haywire, unearthly, loon, hunchback, gaga, nuts, wacko, unwise, buggy, madwoman, idiotic, loony, loony tunes, sane, foolish, wise, swashbuckler, harum-scarum, bedlam, loopy, absurd, bonkers, risky, preposterous, cripple, fruity, mentally ill, moronic, jerky, madman, half-witted, softheaded, dippy, cabbage, unsafe, witless, silly, nutjob, imbecile, damaging, sappy, dotty, nonsensical, cracked, hazardous, bananas, weak-minded, zany, fool, wud, disordered, cockeyed, brainsick, humpback, bughouse, backward, weirdie, screwy, cranky, screwball, space cadet, fire-eater, crackers, madcap, off, lunkheaded, dingbat, wacky, asinine, featherheaded, imbecilic, crazed, bubbleheaded, ruinous, fatuous, daft, simpleminded, oddball, knowledge, scatty, tomfool, touched, hothead, ability, harebrained, weirdo, unsound, injurious, headcase, crackbrained, disastrous, insane, cuckoo, maniac, dangerous, non compos mentis, eccentric, mental, distraught, harmful, bats, senseless, moonstruck, brainless, balmy, perilous, daffy, certifiable, half-baked, daredevil, wrong, inept, oddity, dopey.

Usage examples: