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Definition of ma:

  1. A child's word for mother.
  2. But; - used in cautionary phrases; as, Vivace, ma non troppo presto ( i. e., lively, but not too quick).
  3. In Oriental countries, a respectful form of address given to a woman; mother.


Artium Magister, mum, atomic number 95, mamma, mama, momma, am, florist's chrysanthemum, mom, americium, mater, mammy, Master of Arts, amplitude modulation, mother, mummy, milliampere, Old Colony, Massachusetts, mammary gland, florists' chrysanthemum, mommy, bay state.

Usage examples:

  • I hear ma wife call me.

    - "Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis", H. Irving Hancock.
  • She hated leaving Pop and Ma.

    - "The Underpup", I. A. R. Wylie.
  • " Comme ma poche," said Peter.

    - "The Cardinal's Snuff-Box", Henry Harland.