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Definition of mad:

  1. A slattern.
  2. An earthworm.
  3. Angry; out of patience; vexed; as, to get mad at a person.
  4. Disordered in intellect; crazy; insane.
  5. Excited beyond self- control or the restraint of reason; inflamed by violent or uncontrollable desire, passion, or appetite; as, to be mad with terror, lust, or hatred; mad against political reform.
  6. Extravagant; immoderate.
  7. Furious with rage, terror, or disease; - said of the lower animals; as, a mad bull; esp., having hydrophobia; rabid; as, a mad dog.
  8. Having impaired polarity; - applied to a compass needle.
  9. p. p. of Made.
  10. Proceeding from, or indicating, madness; expressing distraction; prompted by infatuation, fury, or extreme rashness.
  11. The name of a female fairy, esp. the queen of the fairies; and hence, sometimes, any fairy.
  12. To be mad; to go mad; to rave. See Madding.
  13. To make mad or furious; to madden.


nauseated, bananas, daffy, pallid, enthusiastic, afflictive, hallucinating, ardent, keen, crackers, buggy, fruity, queasy, phrenetic, insane, imbecilic, balmy, daft, imbalanced, loony, wrong, madding, wan, sickish, disgusted, idiotic, sane, harebrained, distracted, preposterous, unhinged, bonkers, disordered, jerky, dippy, tired of, half-baked, tomfool, unsound, sick, excited, screwball, silly, loopy, cuckoo, worked up, sappy, feelings, knowledge, sore, crazy, frantic, raw, concern, grisly, sensitive, raging, touched, huffy, cracked, dotty, foolish, zealous, maniac, feisty, warm, unearthly, grim, unbalanced, thin-skinned, loco, macabre, fervent, non compos mentis, activated, ghastly, cockeyed, frenetic, distressed, disturbed, gaga, rabid, pale, moronic, dopey, nauseous, zany, mentally ill, softheaded, off, ability, calm, moonstruck, delirious, absurd, fed up, angry, tender, unrestrained, touchy, worried, distraught, gung ho, maladjusted, choleric, brainsick, aroused, painful, upset, disquieted, screwy, demented, wild, emotional, gruesome, sick of, nuts, ill, nonsensical, wacky.

Usage examples: