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Definition of make up:

  1. The way in which the parts of anything are put together; often, the way in which an actor is dressed, painted, etc., in personating a character.


contrive, cost, include, shit, play, affix, progress to, relieve oneself, pay back, construct, even out, even up, piddle, stage, pacify, constitution, placate, found, square off, prepare, objurgate, chasten, supply, piece, piss, add, map, redress, indemnify, mollify, take a crap, enlarge, cook, flush, throw, composing, induce, settle down, get to, take a shit, recompense, gruntle, appoint, excogitate, earn, paper, seduce, personify, establish, consist, constitute, crap, compensate, puddle, finalise, finalize, exist, appease, act, follow, formation, nail down, fall, realize, realise, symbolise, represent, interpret, root, piece of music, war paint, patch up, pull in, get back, defecate, cast up, counterbalance, plant, organization, stand for, even off, produce, provide, establishment, hold, attach, reconcile, correct, join, resolve, descend, name, patch, pee, catch up with, fashion, embody, Be, makeup, discipline, yield, locate, create, ensconce, give, penning, overcompensate, report, lay out, go under, overtake, constitute, set, gain, jog, go down, manufacture, attain, devote, defend, compose, reconcile, musical composition, wee-wee, remunerate, theme, square up, subside, take a leak, comprise, chastise, score, adjudicate, submit, make, patch up, even, redeem, pee-pee, make believe, fabricate, beautify, decide, rouge, liquidate, concoct, have, formulate, take, level, steady down, countervail, compound, repair, settle, lay down, sum up, annex, bear, combine, pass water, devise, wee, equal, make water, decline, ante up, form, invent, conciliate, Be, organisation, fix, append, conciliate, oppose, urinate, war paint, extend, counteract, authorship, stool, increase, take root, harmonise, forge, pay, typography, ca-ca, fill, pay off, symbolize, catch, do, buy off, invent, represent, draw, work, determine, incorporate, castigate, settle, powder, cook up, bring in, micturate, do up, resign, compensate, hit, spend a penny, mingle, build, fabricate, amplify, cook up, furnish, opus, gentle, comprise, live, present, right, subjoin, contain, clear, slump, adjoin, institute, composition, exemplify, organic law, lenify, assuage, nominate, cause, fundamental law, rectify, makeup, augment, accommodate, sink, pretend, cover, physical composition, correspond, take in, ready, catch up with, arrive at, sort out, pay off, neutralize, mix, stimulate, writing, harmonize, make, reach, manufacture, pay up, pay, consist of, typify, adjust, join on, get.