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Definition of manufacture:

  1. Anything made from raw materials by the hand, by machinery, or by art, as cloths, iron utensils, shoes, machinery, saddlery, etc.
  2. The operation of making wares or any products by hand, by machinery, or by other agency.
  3. To be employed in manufacturing something.
  4. To make ( wares or other products) by hand, by machinery, or by other agency; as, to manufacture cloth, nails, glass, etc.
  5. To work, as raw or partly wrought materials, into suitable forms for use; as, to manufacture wool, cotton, silk, or iron.


establish, fabricate, bring into being, comprise, forming, lying, occasion, prevarication, patch up, catch up with, excogitate, industriousness, require, assemble, contrive, conciliate, formulate, fashion, do, industry, fictionalization, get, pay, effect, settle, shape, fictionalisation, assembling, retrace, even out, frame, even off, constrain, cause, assembly, put together, pay off, reconstruct, diligence, bring about, concoct, forge, become, fabrication, constitute, render, compel, compose, even up, represent, reach, devise, force, perform, make up, be, manufacturing, mold, construct, invent, correct, make out, fiction, fable, counterbalance, cook up, reconcile, bring to pass, compensate.

Usage examples: