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Definition of me:

  1. The person speaking, regarded as an object; myself; a pronoun of the first person used as the objective and dative case of the pronoum I; as, he struck me; he gave me the money, or he gave the money to me; he got me a hat, or he got a hat for me.


AR, CA, her, AK, AZ, they, I, AL, maine, he, them, Ala., Ariz., Pine Tree State, Alas., moi, him, s/he, B.C., Ark..

Usage examples:

  • There's me pethrifyin' spicimins!

    - "The Delectable Duchy", Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  • Me do 'tempt su'thing.

    - "Daisy", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • Getanittowit, tell me about it.

    - "Spotted Deer", Elmer Gregor.