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Definition of means:

  1. The intermediate path between the agent and the object to be accomplished; that which is used to effect an end; instrument; resources; income, or that by which we live; by all means, certainly; without fail; by no means, not in any way; not in any degree; by any means, in any way; the meantime, the time between the present and that when the thing spoken of is to be done.


actor, livelihood, bounty, apparatus, expedient, stock-in-trade, marrow, yes indeed, agency, promoter, delegacy, doer, mode, yes, tackle, income, pith, equipment, method, material, way, bailout, method, bureau, surely, wealth, elbow room, change, medium, government agency, resources, fortune, wise, sum, mode, room, property, way of life, independence, provision, revenue, certainly, inwardness, meat, cash flow, representation, appliances, money, operator, nitty-gritty, appropriation, blood money, channel, opulence, procedure, essence, course, factor, tools, manner, fashion, power, amount, style, bond, competence, kernel, substance, heart and soul, meaning, manner, performer, implements, bankroll, gear, center, gist, basis, heart, direction, system, centre, way, Wherewithal, core, path, office, estate, technique, message, machinery, agent, capital, subject matter, budget, federal agency, riches, mechanism, grist (to the mill), nub, tactic, substance, auspices, content, organ, organization, conveniences, fashion, mover, authority.

Usage examples: