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Definition of mind:

  1. Choice; inclination; liking; intent; will.
  2. Courage; spirit.
  3. Memory; remembrance; recollection; as, to have or keep in mind, to call to mind, to put in mind, etc.
  4. The intellectual or rational faculty in man; the understanding; the intellect; the power that conceives, judges, or reasons; also, the entire spiritual nature; the soul; - often in distinction from the body.
  5. The state, at any given time, of the faculties of thinking, willing, choosing, and the like; psychical activity or state; as: ( a) Opinion; judgment; belief.
  6. To fix the mind or thoughts on; to regard with attention; to treat as of consequence; to consider; to heed; to mark; to note.
  7. To give attention or heed; to obey; as, the dog minds well.
  8. To have in mind; to purpose.
  9. To obey; as, to mind parents; the dog minds his master.
  10. To occupy one's self with; to employ one's self about; to attend to; as, to mind one's business.
  11. To put in mind; to remind.


theme, persuasion, soundness, attention, chief, common sense, will, cerebrum, artful dodger, abide by, thinker, recognize, nous, brain, verdict, guard, intention, lucidity, belief, keep (a) watch, worry, brainpower, marbles, psyche, sane, comply, pleasure, follow, beware, heed, conscious, ingenuity, school principal, header, sense, judgment, ethos, lose your cool, heading, head teacher, sound judgement, estimation, sagacity, legal opinion, approach, under someone's critical eye, quick study, tread carefully/cautiously/lightly etc., foreland, genius, school of thought, soul, opinion, concerned, hear, point, brainiac, wit, saneness, judgement, psychology, position, straits, perspective, liking, sentiment, instinct, bear in mind, headland, oral sex, principal, intuition, discernment, save, purpose, watch over, lose your temper (with), rise to, talent, tiptoe around, inclination, eye, intellectual, observe, drumhead, consciousness, fountainhead, polymath, focused, respect, listen, ego, attention span, brilliance, lucidness, alert, fixated, fly into a temper/rage, creativity, fancy, determination, percipience, ratiocination, protect, daylights, ethos, marble, vision, headway, look, mastermind, melodic theme, disposition, Mensa, snap, caput, pass, wisdom, estimate, subconscious, assessment, go off at the deep end, framework, defend, question, musical theme, take heed, mental capacity, learning ability, watch out, conviction, intellect, attentive, clarity, shelter, notion, see, mindset, pragmatism, logic, stand up for, gray matter, adhere to, hold against, smart, feeling, obey, reminiscence, look out for yourself/number one, capitulum, head, viewpoint, ability, sanity, promontory, recollection, perception, choose your words (carefully), like, watch out for, read/write head, regard, top dog, judicial decision, sage, safeguard, creative thinker, approximation, view, head word, idea, encephalon, sound judgment, forefront, keep to, conception, judging, spirit, observant, perspicacity, egghead, take care, headspring, sagaciousness, see red, conform, lose it, shield.

Usage examples: