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Definition of mindless:

  1. Not indued with mind or intellectual powers; stupid; unthinking.
  2. Unmindful; inattentive; heedless; careless.


silly, bubbleheaded, unsafe, chuckleheaded, irresponsible, lunkheaded, careless, purposeless, otiose, unguarded, doltish, airheaded, oafish, insensate, meaningless, causeless, planned, purpose, impulsive, superfluous, careful, vacuous, stupid, undiscriminating, unsmart, dumb, soft-witted, weak-minded, convenient, opaque, indifferent, rash, bonehead, fatuous, pinheaded, amnesic, unreasonable, asinine, unheeding, unconcerned, senseless, boneheaded, dunderheaded, unobservant, undemanding, amnesiac, brain-dead, insensible, effortless, dopey, hollow, inattentive, dim-witted, dorky, incautious, thick-witted, unmindful, dull, witless, dim, trouble-free, thick, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), obtuse, inane, thickheaded, unwary, ill-considered, unretentive, slow, empty, gormless, heedless, ability, softheaded, short, pointless, wasted, impetuous, elementary, manageable, hasty, reasonless, birdbrained, knuckleheaded, lamebrain, nitwitted, shallow, easy, half-witted, forgetful, soft, nonintellectual, foolish, neglectful, oblivious, dense, slow-witted.

Usage examples: