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Definition of minister:

  1. A representative of a government, sent to the court, or seat of government, of a foreign nation to transact diplomatic business.
  2. A servant; a subordinate; an officer or assistant of inferior rank; hence, an agent, an instrument.
  3. An officer of justice.
  4. One to whom the sovereign or executive head of a government intrusts the management of affairs of state, or some department of such affairs.
  5. One who serves at the altar; one who performs sacerdotal duties; the pastor of a church duly authorized or licensed to preach the gospel and administer the sacraments.
  6. To act as a servant, attendant, or agent; to attend and serve; to perform service in any office, sacred or secular.
  7. To furnish or apply; to afford; to supply; to administer.
  8. To supply or to things needful; esp., to supply consolation or remedies.


rector, watch, emissary, ambassador, metropolitan, legate, dominie, subgenus Pastor, procurator, assemblyman, minister of religion, diplomatic minister, shepherd, padre, rep, parson, cabinet minister, bishopric, clergywoman, do for, agent, deputy, churchwoman, confessor, statesman, lecturer, diplomat, the Archbishop of Canterbury, divine, alderman, clerk, archbishopric, factor, commissary, look after, alderwoman, envoy, chief executive, chief minister, reader, government minister, churchman, Chancellor of the Exchequer, dean, assemblywoman, pastor, religion, clerical, wait on, curate, layman, delegate, mind, primate, consul, deacon, assignee, chancellor, see to, reverence, proxy, representative, attorney, care for.

Usage examples: