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Definition of miserable:

  1. A miserable person.
  2. Avaricious; niggardly; miserly.
  3. Causing unhappiness or misery.
  4. Very unhappy; wretched.
  5. Worthless; mean; despicable; as, a miserable fellow; a miserable dinner.


trifling, misfortunate, schlocky, hurt, crushed, meagerly, low-spirited, injured, meagre, condemnable, lowly, troubled, humiliated, cheap, distressing, low-pitched, shoddy, meager, abject, abominable, inferior, silly, small, touching, depleted, strained, poor, sleazy, crummy, low-down, vile, fevered, ill, broken, measly, down, paltry, damnable, ugly, scurvy, unworthy, humble, modest, short, underprivileged, happy, negligible, scummy, pained, deplorable, sick, execrable, afflicted, woebegone, distressed, humbled, good, rich, moving, low-toned, woeful, inadequate, suffering, unfortunate, low, uncomfortable, pitiable, cheesy, pitiful, down in the mouth, pathetic, wounded, criminal, ridiculous, reprehensible, funky, sorrowful, vicious, loser, despicable, piteous, wretched, ailing, contemptible, slimy, underdog, base, worthless, trashy, lousy, burning, helped, woful, sorry, sickly, wretch, unhappy, detestable, hapless, downcast, rotten, discontented, unhopeful.

Usage examples: