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Definition of misfortune:

  1. Bad fortune or luck; calamity; an evil accident; disaster; mishap; mischance.
  2. To happen unluckily or unfortunately; to miscarry; to fail.


loss, unlucky, tough luck, down on your luck, bad luck, fortuity, discomfort, untowardness, possibility, unfortunateness, reversal, hap, knock, mischance, haplessness, nightmare, a run of good/bad luck, anxiety, unpleasantness, worry, battle, untowardness, incident, worst-case scenario, blow, luck, unhappy, disappointment, unfortunate, disappointment, accident, happening, jinxed, hell, luck, comedown, setback, setback, unluckiness, disadvantage, hazard, chance, reversal, ill luck, crisis, stress, quagmire, surprise, contingency, good fortune, help, adventure.

Usage examples: