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Definition of misrepresent:

  1. To make an incorrect or untrue representation.
  2. To represent incorrectly ( almost always, unfacorably); to give a false erroneous representation of, either maliciously, ignirantly, or carelessly.


make, evade, rig, forge, prepare, warp, fudge, contradict, duck, lie, wangle, hedge, bullshit, cook, fake, true, alter, sidestep, skirt, pull wires, keep in line, pull strings, finagle, negate, interpolate, elude, belie, manipulate, understate, misstate, talk through one's hat, wrest, ready, pervert, give a false coloring to, color, circumvent, falsify, load, embroider, bull, dodge, manage, put off, control, wrench, parry, fix.

Usage examples: