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Definition of modern:

  1. A person of modern times; - opposed to ancient.
  2. New and common; trite; commonplace.
  3. Of or pertaining to the present time, or time not long past; late; not ancient or remote in past time; of recent period; as, modern days, ages, or time; modern authors; modern fashions; modern taste; modern practice.


modern-day, now, juvenile, old, upstart, Victorian, new-fashioned, moderne, modernistic, convenient, au courant, smart, contemporaneous, forward-looking, knowledge, late, contemporary, present, cool, now, functional, young, concurrent, fashionable, Bodoni font, smooth, ultramodern, out-of-date, progressive, innovative, groundbreaking, common, youthful, prevailing, present-day, innovational, dilapidated, newfangled, neo, ripe, recent, space-age, synchronous, present-day, raw, mechanical, mod, bodoni, stylish, chic, new-made, with it, unexampled, sophisticated, modern font, improved, advance, renovated, latter-day, coincident, modish, new-fangled, streamlined, nonclassical, in advance, automated, conforming, time, trendy, old-fashioned, advanced, swank, modernist, prevalent, sharp, new, medieval.

Usage examples: