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Definition of Mooncalf:

  1. A dolt; a stupid fellow.
  2. A monster; a false conception; a mass of fleshy matter, generated in the uterus.


simp, nerd, doofus, fool, simple, ding-a-ling, turkey, half-wit, ability, ass, schmuck, yo-yo, berk, nitwit, gander, lunatic, idiot, dipstick, dingbat, ding-dong, git, jackass, cuckoo, goof, nincompoop, fool, nutcase, schmo, featherhead, goose, moron, simpleton, charlie, incompetent, dip, ninny, ninnyhammer, dope, imbecile, tomfool, nit, softhead, nut, booby, jerk, cretin, simpleton.

Usage examples: