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Definition of mope:

  1. A dull, spiritless person.
  2. To be dull and spiritless.
  3. To make spiritless and stupid.


be past caring, lament, lollygag, sink, give way, despondency, grumble, tarry, brood, melancholy, yearn, gloom, croak, moon about, be sunk in the doldrums, be at loose ends, linger, glaze, pine, regret, be in a funk, sulk, dysphoria, droop, worry, funk, wilt, dillydallier, mope around, downheartedness, mourn, drag, dawdle, dilly-dallier, unhappiness, moon, moon around, dallier, heavy-heartedness, not look twice at, feelings, pull a long face, moon on, happy, go crazy, look blue, pine away, diddle, glumness, lounger, sicken of something, dally, reclining chair, concern, depression, despondence, pet, grieve, crawl, pout, dolefulness, chafe, sadness, dumps, despair, doldrums, loiter, watch the clock, dwell, repine, look glum, dejection, grump, mournfulness, stew, cark, dallier, recliner, creep, dillydally, lag, lose heart, despond, poke, fret, shilly-shally.

Usage examples: