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Definition of morose:

  1. Lascivious; brooding over evil thoughts.
  2. Of a sour temper; sullen and austere; ill- humored; severe.


crusty, pertinacious, dark-skinned, benighted, snappish, temperamental, acrimonious, off, heavy, sorry, ill-natured, tenacious, crabbed, obscure, false, mumpish, troubled, glowering, persistent, moody, glum, dour, forbidding, unyielding, non-white, threatening, harsh, rancid, splenetic, severe, gruff, churlish, drab, ill-tempered, irritable, happy, dark, sullen, dingy, coloured, drear, dogged, black, sour, saturnine, sinister, off-key, ill-humored, lowering, turned.

Usage examples: