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Definition of mortification:

  1. A gift to some charitable or religious institution; - nearly synonymous with mortmain.
  2. Destruction of active qualities; neutralization.
  3. Hence: Deprivation or depression of self- approval; abatement or pride; humiliation; chagrin; vexation.
  4. Subjection of the passions and appetites, by penance, absistence, or painful severities inflicted on the body.
  5. That which mortifies; the cause of humiliation, chagrin, or vexation.
  6. The act of mortifying, or the condition of being mortified
  7. The death of one part of an animal body, while the rest continues to live; loss of vitality in some part of a living animal; gangrene.


embarrassment, confusion, disappointment, abasement, discomfiture, gangrene, slough, purgation, fluster, disgrace, penance, remorse, sphacelus, humiliation, discomfort, discomposure, respect, discipline, degradation, guilt, chagrin, debasement, necrosis, inhibition, disconcertment, ignominy, regret, abashment, win, guilt trip.

Usage examples: