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Definition of mortify:

  1. To affect with vexation, chagrin, or humiliation; to humble; to depress.
  2. To be subdued; to decay, as appetites, desires, etc.
  3. To deaden by religious or other discipline, as the carnal affections, bodily appetites, or worldly desires; to bring into subjection; to abase; to humble.
  4. To destroy the active powers or essential qualities of; to change by chemical action.
  5. To destroy the organic texture and vital functions of; to produce gangrene in.
  6. To lose vitality and organic structure, as flesh of a living body; to gangrene.
  7. To practice penance from religious motives; to deaden desires by religious discipline.


conquer, reduce, crucify, bewilder, stamp down, suppress, bedevil, pillory, inhibit, subjugate, demean, surmount, confuse, overcome, dun, humiliate, chagrin, subdue, rag, respect, degrade, sphacelate, frustrate, abase, overawe, tame, cricify, repress, subordinate, savage, get over, chasten, discompose, gangrene, humble, pain, necrose, discountenance, curb, confound, dishearten, daunt, blast, discomfort, win, shame, quash, keep down, master, torment.

Usage examples: