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Definition of moving:

  1. Changing place or posture; causing motion or action; as, a moving car, or power.
  2. Exciting movement of the mind; adapted to move the sympathies, passions, or affections; touching; pathetic; as, a moving appeal.
  3. of Move
  4. The act of changing place or posture; esp., the act of changing one's dwelling place or place of business.


heartwarming, shifting, contemptible, rushing, impactful, swaying, active, fleeting, darting, streaming, kinetic, crawling, piteous, swinging, circulating, billowing, aflare, touching, eloquent, charge, soul-stirring, traveling, descending, heartbreaking, trampling, jumping, ahorseback, affecting, rousing, mournful, mobile, despicable, writhing, poignant, changing, marching, running, paltry, floating, flittering, touring, pathetic, portable, revolving, riding, turning, hurling, base, wriggling, thrilling, tumbling, heart-rending, sorrowful, fluttering, woful, leaping, wiggly, sweeping, self-propelled, miserable, wiggling, haunting, squirming, move, effective, walking, heaving, jolting, swirling, spinning, springing, unwinding, oncoming, abject, unchanging, cathartic, transportable, automotive, hurtling, stirring, flaring, pitiful, approaching, whirling, on the move, wheeling, bouncing, flying, waving, wretched, restless, flowing, passionate, creeping, mobility, wriggly, bounding, persuasive, twisting, shuffling, agitated, tramping, unmoving, ahorse, vibratory, movable, afoot, fleeing, rolling, emotional, impressive, curling, vibrating, jouncing, awheel, circling, maneuverable, touch, emotive, tossing, telling, thrashing, passing, overwhelming, rising, itinerant, rotating, pitiable, inflammable, self-propelling, flailing, blown, animated, lamentable, unreeling, fast-flying, soaring, scampering, punch, road, milling, starting.

Usage examples: