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Definition of mucky:

  1. Filthy with muck; miry; as, a mucky road.
  2. Vile, in a moral sense; sordid.


muddied, swampy, spongelike, marshy, smudged, bemired, loose-fitting, slipshod, draggled, clean, muddy, besmirched, cruddy, doughy, unclean, stained, uncleanly, grotty, slapdash, sluggish, spongy, slimy, cloudy, turbid, waterlogged, nasty, soiled, dirty, sloughy, inert, baggy, black, miry, squishy, wet, boggy, quaggy, pulpy, oozy, haphazard, blackened, befouled, overemotional, soggy, squashy, torpid, sullied, slushy, begrimed, mirky, sludgy, bedraggled.

Usage examples: