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Definition of muddle:

  1. A number of things of the same kind, ordinarily used or classed together; a collection of articles which naturally complement each other, and usually go together; an assortment; a suit; as, a set of chairs, of china, of surgical or mathematical instruments, of books, etc.
  2. A state of being turbid or confused; hence, intellectual cloudiness or dullness.
  3. To cloud or stupefy; to render stupid with liquor; to intoxicate partially.
  4. To dabble in mud.
  5. To make turbid, or muddy, as water.
  6. To mix confusedly; to confuse; to make a mess of; as, to muddle matters; also, to perplex; to mystify.
  7. To think and act in a confused, aimless way.
  8. To waste or misuse, as one does who is stupid or intoxicated.


piss, electronic jamming, fix, ball up, puzzle, gum up, fixture, pile, make out, take a leak, flock, mickle, pee-pee, trap, golf hole, screw up, puddle, wad, raft, mess hall, pee, addle, befuddle, jumbal, spend a penny, snafu, clutter, kettle of fish, muck up, fixing, hodgepodge, plenty, jamming, disrupt, repair, hollow, maw, mystify, mess up, blunder, batch, localization, make do, stagger, deal, gob, shift, feelings, sight, get by, mismanage, patchwork, make shift, welter, reparation, blow, make water, fend, discombobulate, correct, muff, stack, muckle, wee-wee, dizzy, jam, stumble, mess, disarray, snarl, good deal, bollix up, order, yap, fumble, wee, thrive, piddle, peck, bungle, great deal, crush, location, make, micturate, lot, quite a little, mishandle, fuddle, locating, do, localisation, pass water, mint, mussiness, manage, smother, press, spoil, shuffle, mend, goof up, cakehole, unsettle, hole, mountain, confusion, heap, tidy sum, relieve oneself, bumble, mending, help, slew, pot, mass, get along, boggle, fare, throw, limp, louse up, mare's-nest, urinate, confusion, passel, bewilder, clear, flounder, spate, jumble, foul up, messiness, pickle, fudge, hatful.

Usage examples: