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Definition of muddled:

  1. of Muddle


mixed-up, mazed, bewildered, tipsy, woolly-headed, topsy-turvy, higgledy-piggledy, intoxicated, messed, woolly, pointless, drunk, flocculent, addled, at sea, hugger-mugger, woolly-haired, bemused, mussy, confused, hazy, inebriated, futile, sloppy, blurred, ineffective, wooly, untidy, upside-down, littered, rumpled, mussed, purposeless, pathetic, befogged, faulty, muzzy, inefficient, tumbled, tousled, worthless, bleary, unkempt, lanate, lost, confounded, disarranged, useless, defective, wooly-minded, wooly-haired, foggy, befuddled, pell-mell.

Usage examples: