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Definition of mug:

  1. A kind of earthen or metal drinking cup, with a handle, - usually cylindrical and without a lip.
  2. The face or mouth.


fall guy, scrape, osculator, mark, marker, lollipop, monkey, kisser, butt, roughneck, saphead, score, sap, muggins, soft touch, precede, map, brand, endorsement, make a face, fool, bell ringer, visage, cross, smiler, toughie, face, stigma, motley fool, marking, lamb, grade, dupe, ruffian, sucker, schlemiel, countenance, warrant, seagull, wise, sanction, scar, gudgeon, patsy, moue, grimace, puss, feature, stain, make faces, target, attack, hood, rowdy, tomfool, pan, jester, pushover, bull's eye, Phiz, punk, home run, print, sign, indorsement, victim, pout, sea gull, mouth, gull, crisscross, mugful, pigeon, flagon, scratch, hoodlum, tough, physiognomy, express, all-day sucker, shlemiel, chump, imprimatur, muzzle.

Usage examples: