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Definition of mystify:

  1. To involve in mystery; to make obscure or difficult to understand; as, to mystify a passage of Scripture.
  2. To perplex the mind of; to puzzle; to impose upon the credulity of ; as, to mystify an opponent.


let, become, bond, aim, devil, stun, engender, acquire, mix up, vex, bunk, fetch, foil, set about, catch, set out, spoil, bring, tucker out, set, bind, disturb, adhere, go, dizzy, sit, bewilder, impersonate, stick, generate, stick by, lodge, dumbfound, pay off, produce, get down, personate, cohere, pay back, puzzle, come, confound, defy, jumble, beget, receive, wash up, arrest, rile, stay, shell, obscure, cleave, work over, fix, raise up, position, sustain, beat up, scramble, circumvent, hold fast, trounce, stimulate, suffer, frustrate, flap, induce, stand by, place, stick around, rag, drum, posture, wedge, fuddle, incur, make, irritate, outsmart, stir up, grow, bother, disorient, thwart, deposit, sire, perplex, experience, exhaust, find, beat out, tick, outwit, bemuse, take, baffle, befuddle, flummox, ticktack, scram, agitate, shake up, fox, overreach, cling, capture, regulate, hoodwink, nettle, begin, present, outfox, pulsate, complicate, bamboozle, get at, annoy, start out, nonplus, clear, bugger off, sting, ticktock, convey, muddy, put, thump, lay, confuse, contract, deepen, tucker, addle, nark, father, buzz off, be beyond someone, stick to, scotch, draw, maze, gravel, cross, quiver, model, beat, commove, discombobulate, arrive, befog, astound, throw, mother, besot, start, amaze, worry, stupefy, crush, have, get, deceive, chafe, buffalo, develop, trick, bilk, feelings, be (as) clear as mud, lie, pose, cause, pound, stay put, commence, bring forth, drive, thrum, muddle, astonish, get under one's skin, vanquish, get to, obtain.

Usage examples: