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Definition of nab:

  1. The cock of a gunlock.
  2. The keeper, or box into which the lock is shot.
  3. The summit of an eminence.
  4. To catch or seize suddenly or unexpectedly.


grok, turn around, compass, knock off, lift up, turn back, elate, hold back, clutch, smash, glom, see, get the picture, discover, gather up, sail through, peck, seize, contain, receive, halt, grasp, collar, law, pass with flying colors, dig, find out, gain vigor, pinpoint, get a line, pinch, hook, comprehend, breeze through, apprehend, call for, blast, peg, sweep through, check, snitch, quail at, uplift, intoxicate, cop, hold, nail down, boom, run in, perk, stop, savvy, perk up, get word, complete, arrest, ace, bust, pick-up, thieve, nail, percolate, get wind, learn, snatch, hear.

Usage examples: