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Definition of neck:

  1. A long narrow tract of land projecting from the main body, or a narrow tract connecting two larger tracts.
  2. A reduction in size near the end of an object, formed by a groove around it; as, a neck forming the journal of a shaft.
  3. Any part of an inanimate object corresponding to or resembling the neck of an animal
  4. That part of a violin, guitar, or similar instrument, which extends from the head to the body, and on which is the finger board or fret board.
  5. The long slender part of a vessel, as a retort, or of a fruit, as a gourd.
  6. The part of an animal which connects the head and the trunk, and which, in man and many other animals, is more slender than the trunk.
  7. the point where the base of the stem of a plant arises from the root.
  8. To kiss and caress amorously.
  9. To reduce the diameter of ( an object) near its end, by making a groove around it; - used with down; as, to neck down a shaft.


make love, be discharged, breast pocket, flank, do it, stone's throw, distinguish, pet, bonk, get it on, recognize, come, cut, fondle, skip, sound, ace, spot, sleep together, fret, deal, neck opening, manage, canoodle, corridor, armhole, body, have a go at it, shouting distance, chest, gorge, belt, discern, girth, glug, heart, choke down, issue, hammer, make do, fill out, contend, guzzle, foreplay, arm, be intimate, collar, nape, channel, bib, hump, fellatio, catgut, have it off, care label, suffer, force down, cervix uteri, lie with, narrows, have intercourse, key, make out, part, abdomen, cunnilingus, step, zone, cervix, bow, know, feel up, hairline, field, bridge, back, have it away, bellows, tell apart, ground, hop, pick out, do, and jump, screw, cope, fill in, head, bodice, bed, have sex, spoon, inlet, get laid, complete, down, uterine cervix, hairbreadth, grope, undergo, sex, damper, sleep with, gulp, love, roll in the hay, chug, buttonhole, write out, throat, coattails, drink to, open water, strait, grapple, bang, groundwater, French kiss, belly button, breast, get by, drumstick, inch, goose, recognise, fare, tract, jazz, belly, land, eff, lagoon, front, get along.

Usage examples: