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Definition of nice:

  1. Apprehending slight differences or delicate distinctions; distinguishing accurately or minutely; carefully discriminating; as, a nice taste or judgment.
  2. Delicate; refined; dainty; pure.
  3. Done or made with careful labor; suited to excite admiration on account of exactness; evidencing great skill; exact; fine; finished; as, nice proportions, nice workmanship, a nice application; exactly or fastidiously discriminated; requiring close discrimination; as, a nice point of law, a nice distinction in philosophy.
  4. Foolish; silly; simple; ignorant; also, weak; effeminate.
  5. Of trifling moment; nimportant; trivial.
  6. Overscrupulous or exacting; hard to please or satisfy; fastidious in small matters.
  7. Pleasing; agreeable; gratifying; delightful; good; as, a nice party; a nice excursion; a nice person; a nice day; a nice sauce, etc.


tight-laced, ingratiating, winsome, prudish, squeamish, dainty, beautiful, chaste, polite, bonny, adequate, sharp, gauzy, decorous, thin, careful, discriminate, big, welcome, friendly, particular, subtile, exquisite, discriminating, fastidious, congenial, small, accept, keen, choosy, square-toed, adept, prepossessing, comely, enough, good, exact, courteous, befitting, indecorous, straitlaced, finespun, proficient, slender, correct, precise, agreeable, victorian, benignant, accurate, clarified, gratifying, right, subtle, tenuous, puritanical, expert, gentle, handsome, obliging, skillful, rude, pleasing, inviting, demure, considerate, twee, helpful, sensitive, fussy, elegant, modest, detailed, mincing, virgin, virtuous, exacting, courtesy, distinguishing, unassuming, gracious, high-grade, broad, critical, decent, kind, correct, becoming, careless, genial, charming, proper, pure, delicate, strait-laced, hairsplitting, picky, amiable, meticulous, sex, restraint, straight-laced, discerning, prim, cultured, satisfying, pleasant, winning, skilful, ability, comme il faut, delightful, pleasurable, braw, kindly, straightlaced, slight, de rigueur, particular, respectable, cordial, finicky, persnickety, finical, comminuted, smooth, virginal, niminy-piminy, prissy, overnice, minute, seemly, like, clear, practiced, right, trivial, refined, grateful, priggish, polished.

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