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Definition of nonplus:

  1. A state or condition which daffles reason or confounds judgment; insuperable difficalty; inability to proceed or decide; puzzle; quandary.
  2. To puzzle; to confound; to perplex; to cause to stop by embarrassment.


find, gravel, stump, bind, adhere, devil, have, begin, let, incur, experience, dumbfound, puzzle, rag, set about, bewilder, put someone at a loss, obtain, draw, circumvent, arrive, stun, capture, nark, astound, receive, discountenance, spoil, position, outwit, bilk, get, scramble, cleave, suffer, get under one's skin, annoy, fetch, stick by, fix, pound, start, catch, sit, deposit, throw, pay off, bond, affect, mystify, mother, set out, besot, posture, acquire, drum, put, outsmart, wash up, hold fast, worry, beget, thrum, fluster, present, beat up, cling, disturb, overreach, foil, nettle, disconcert, cross, cause, personate, study at confuse, get to, cohere, irritate, place, confound, generate, go, drive, pay back, pulsate, shake up, crush, chafe, engender, make, baffle, beat out, perplex, pose, bother, stay, regulate, confuse, lay, get at, tucker out, lodge, discombobulate, rattle, ticktack, bring, vex, take, astonish, amaze, start out, knowledge, scram, confound, set, abash, discomfit, get down, wedge, stir up, exhaust, stick, stupefy, thump, shell, induce, rile, tick, quiver, raise up, stimulate, stick to, faze, complicate, trounce, sting, sire, commove, bugger off, commence, ticktock, flummox, agitate, grow, flap, stand by, model, stay put, work over, outfox, frustrate, impersonate, convey, thwart, arrest, come, tucker, buzz off, father, scotch, aim, become, sustain, bring forth, vanquish, stick around, beat, contract, develop, bunk, bemuse, produce, mortify.

Usage examples: