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Definition of nonsense:

  1. That which is not sense, or has no sense; words, or language, which have no meaning, or which convey no intelligible ideas; absurdity.
  2. Trifles; things of no importance.


gab, rant, flounce, furbelow, twaddle, trash, rashness, poppycock, prattle, gibberish, berth, surface, insanity, trumpery, foolery, joke, giddiness, ruffle, scrawl, antics, frippery, tomfoolery, scribble, ruff, feed bunk, soft soap, small change, jargon, rot, wish-wash, folderol, gabble, madness, infatuation, garbage, unsteadiness, nonsensicality, piffle, crap, jest, built in bed, frill, jabberwocky, triviality, extravagance, words, small potatoes, steadiness, gas, palaver, knowledge, frivolity, folderal, codswallop, bull, prate, blatherskite, rubbish, guff, bunkum, applesauce, mumbo jumbo, gimcrack, trifle, imbecility, trivia, flightiness, rigmarole, falderol, important, froth, thoughtlessness, lunacy, zaniness, hokum, claptrap, pretense, malarkey, bunk bed, hooey, bunk, minutia, tripe, fiddle-faddle, bilge, fun, gimcrackery, consideration, ability, tommyrot, imprudence, bombast, buncombe.

Usage examples: