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Definition of now:

  1. At a time contemporaneous with something spoken of or contemplated; at a particular time referred to.
  2. At the present time; at this moment; at the time of speaking; instantly; as, I will write now.
  3. Existing at the present time; present.
  4. In present circumstances; things being as they are; - hence, used as a connective particle, to introduce an inference or an explanation.
  5. The present time or moment; the present.
  6. Very lately; not long ago.


nowadays, soon, the women's movement, whoever, downtown, if you like, straight, current, of course, def, this instant, feminism, presently, new, in, right off, it all began, I see/take your point, on-the-spot, at a time, I know, at present, forthwith, instantly, groovy, existing, time, oh, sexism, I see, fast, wherever, contemporary, cool, OK, in a flash, actually, flat, right away, at the moment, straightaway, mod, trendy, at once, to make/cut a long story short, glass ceiling, with-it, you know, time, suddenly, emancipated, all right, in the world, headlong, whenever, outright, sexist, there I was/we were, turned-on, straightway, at all, promptly, at this juncture, these days, I know what you mean, right now, I'm sorry, present-day, like, instantaneously, and, feminist, direct, sometimes, without delay, like a shot, immediately, today, the long and the short of it, hep, currently, however, what/why/how/where etc. on earth, straight away, directly, to be continued, at one time, momentarily, once upon a time, sexual politics, whatever, who/why/what etc. ever?, just now, in real time, existent, well, (in) the least, hip, gotcha, instanter, suffragette, with that, someone does something, straight off.

Usage examples: