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Definition of obliterate:

  1. Scarcely distinct; - applied to the markings of insects.
  2. To erase or blot out; to efface; to render undecipherable, as a writing.
  3. To wear out; to remove or destroy utterly by any means; to render imperceptible; as. to obliterate ideas; to obliterate the monuments of antiquity.


prohibit, exhaust, deplete, rub out, consume, confuse, uproot, reverse, help, level, eat up, enshroud, eat, defeat, supplant, vote out, use up, becloud, blur, scratch, remove, abrogate, sweep away, belt down, subvert, clear, terminate, mist, decimate, cover, snuff out, bolt down, make, ravage, suppress, shroud, pour down, overthrow, fog, rub, drink down, end, root, score out, destroyed, blotted out, wipe off, toss off, hide out, vacate, obnubilate, kill, obliterated, liquidate, overcloud, vote down, conceal, continue, bedim, set aside, wipe out, cancel out, down, haze over, cloud, cross, hide, extirpate, efface, repeal, befog, run through, blot, wipe, exterminate, obscure, mark out, shoot down, blot out, abate, stamp out, pop, carry off, veil.

Usage examples: