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Definition of obtuse:

  1. Dull; deadened; as, obtuse sound.
  2. Not having acute sensibility or perceptions; dull; stupid; as, obtuse senses.
  3. Not pointed or acute; blunt; - applied esp. to angles greater than a right angle, or containing more than ninety degrees.


faint, thick, heavy, bleak, visually challenged, wispy, black, speechless, near-blind, visually impaired, dimwitted, dense, dimmed, softened, muffled, undiscerning, purblind, ability, tedious, dopey, blockheaded, round, mute, dumb, silent, dim, simple, thudding, wearisome, tiresome, muted, deadening, irksome, slow, stupid, stolid, unsubdivided, insensible, ho-hum, dim-sighted, leaden, impenetrable, boring, thickheaded, hebetudinous, vague, subdued, sand-blind, shadowy, dull.

Usage examples: