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Definition of opaque:

  1. Impervious to the rays of light; not transparent; as, an opaque substance.
  2. Obscure; not clear; unintelligible.
  3. That which is opaque; opacity.


inscrutable, dense, chuckleheaded, misty, birdbrained, milklike, mysterious, knuckleheaded, cryptic, unintelligible, softheaded, translucent, confused, black, slow, pinheaded, dirty, equivocal, obtuse, transparent, uncomprehensible, fuzzy, whitish, glaucous, murky, bonehead, difficult, fogged, soft, intricate, dim, complex, crystal clear, blurry, shadowy, foggy, swarthy, occult, perplexing, lunkheaded, witless, gloomy, double-edged, nebulous, dim-witted, simple, contorted, dorky, mystic, clear, mindless, Delphic, undetermined, airheaded, undefined, enigmatic, thickheaded, thick, dismal, elliptical, indistinct, somber, unintelligent, mirky, solid, milky, crystalline, concealed, turbid, brainless, gormless, dumb, dusky, swart, blear, arcane, half-witted, confusing, bleary, milk, senseless, dusty, involved, vacuous, unsmart, dopey, gauzy, complicated, covered, frosty, smoky, slow-witted, boneheaded, doltish, sable, weak-minded, brain-dead, clouded, filmy, fatuous, empty-headed, bubbleheaded, indefinite, deep, fuliginous, limpid, sooty, elaborate, incomprehensible, dull, oafish, muddy, indistinguishable, ambiguous, lamebrain, shady, frosted, thick-witted, cloudy, pale, dunderheaded.

Usage examples: