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Definition of organize:

  1. To arrange or constitute in parts, each having a special function, act, office, or relation; to systematize; to get into working order; -- applied to products of the human intellect, or to human institutions and undertakings, as a science, a government, an army, a war, etc.
  2. To furnish with organs; to give an organic structure to; to endow with capacity for the functions of life; as, an organized being; organized matter; - in this sense used chiefly in the past participle.
  3. To sing in parts; as, to organize an anthem.


imprint, mastermind, develop, attire, channelize, systemize, raise, ordinate, manoeuver, appoint, manoeuvre, machinate, instate, break down, rise, groom, fig up, forge, straighten, adapt, elevate, cook, steer, invent, train, fashion, reorganize, maneuver, cabal, take shape, eradicate, conduct, line up, rally, uprise, whip into shape, project, prepare, fig out, dispose, tog out, spring, constitute, found, deck up, complot, take aim, align, lay out, target, move, swot, cram, start, lift, grind away, stand up, formulate, trick up, tog up, conjure, unionize, construct, excogitate, get-up, build, synthesize, create, dress up, upset, trick out, devise, rig out, fancy up, head, form, take form, aim, channelise, mold, mobilize, arise, take, bring up, deploy, muster, calculate, originate, send, disarrange, point, educate, guide, secure, coordinate, make, deck out, swot up, mould, work up, contrive, gussy up, work, turn out, set up, institute, organise, unionise, fit, conspire, standardize, prink, bone, drum, mug up, lead, overdress, orchestrate, ready, address, combine, erect, engineer, destroy, bone up, gear up, direct, range.

Usage examples: