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Definition of outlandish:

  1. Foreign; not native.
  2. Hence: Not according with usage; strange; rude; barbarous; uncouth; clownish; as, an outlandish dress, behavior, or speech.


offbeat, pastoral, rustic, awkward, unsophisticated, flakey, kinky, kooky, screwy, verdant, agricultural, unconventional, usual, surreal, native, unnatural, country, quaint, bucolic, far-out, clownish, cranky, countrified, unreal, out-of-the-way, off-the-wall, funky, uncouth, rural, freakish, rummy, sylvan, glamorous, wild, flaky, freaky, artless, hoidenish, outre, edgy, eccentric, bizarro, queerish, spaced-out, off-kilter, gauche, bizarre, wacky, screwball, rum, nonconcentric, gonzo, untaught, romantic, way-out, capricious, plain, weirdo.

Usage examples: